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There is no doubt that frequent, uncontrollable stress can be a trigger for illness, even a terminal one. According to Susan Silberstein, Ph.D., “From the large body of research on the psychological connections to cancer in general, there is mounting evidence that stress may be the most potent of all cancer-causing factors: Even more important to our health than what we’re eating may be what’s eating us!”

It’s not just stress in general, however, but stress that we believe is out of our control. Research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania exposed rats to electric shocks. Those in the “inescapable-shock” group were able to reject transplanted tumors only 27 percent of the time, while 63  percent of those in the “escapable-shock” group remained cancer free.

The findings appear to confirm that the immune system is impaired in those who believe that they don’t have control over the stress in their lives. The answer is to take action against stress, such as meditation, vacations and frequent relaxation. Be aggressive in your stress management; don’t be a victim.

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