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Media Matters—a Hearty Thanks!

824rb0971As with everyone else who couldn’t be in lower Manhattan last Saturday, I was toggling throughout the day among several Web sites that were posting info on the ’09 New York Pro Fitness. Sources were thin—nary a callout at some of my usual haunts—probably because there was no men’s show to lure the larger media outlets. Between, and the coverage provided by Dave Palumbo at, however, I managed to follow the action.

In an ain’t-technology-great moment, I was perusing the photos at RXMuscle at about 6:30 p.m. Pacific time, when the top-three placings magically appeared. As I like to say, now, that’s entertainment.

Thanks to all who were in New York—or posting dispatches from there—for keeping everyone in the loop.

Photo: News of Trish Warren’s runner-up finish at the New York Pro Fitness last Saturday hit the Web almost instaneously.

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