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Mark and Sally Loshelder

Photography by Jerry Fredrick
Location: Gold’s Gym, Venice, California

Mark Loshelder

Age: 49

Weight: 190

Height: 5’9”

Profession: Parking lot striping contractor

Bodypart split: Monday: back, biceps; Tuesday: chest, triceps; Wednesday: legs; Thursday: cardio, abs; Friday: shoulders; Saturday, cardio, weak bodypart

Training notes: I train all ­bodyparts for 16 to 20 sets each, six to 12 reps per set.

How I started bodybuilding: I went to Gold’s, Venice, for my 16th birthday in 1981 and saw the Barbarian brothers and Casey Viator doing squats with six plates. They asked if I wanted to work in. That was it—I was hooked.

Competition history: Having competed as a light- and middleweight bodybuilder in the 1990s, I came back in men’s physique last year. In the 45-and-over division, I took second at the ’14 NPC West Coast Classic and fourth at the ’14 NPC Masters Nationals.

Factoids: I’m a scuba dive master and enjoy tropical vacations and backyard entertaining.

Sally Loshelder

Age: 56  Weight:  116

Height: 5’

Profession: Teaches kickboxing, Pilates, yoga and core conditioning

Bodypart split: Day 1: chest, biceps, abs, glutes; day 2: back, triceps, calves; day 3: shoulders, glutes, abs; day 4: legs, calves, abs

Sample workout, legs: Leg curls, 8 x 6-20; leg extensions, 6-8 x 10-15; leg presses, 8 x 8-30; squats, 5-8 x 8-15; cable split squats, 3 x 15, 12, 8 (double sets); T-bar stiff-legged deadlifts, 3 x 12-15

Training notes: Lots of tempo changes, ascending and strip sets and varying of body positions

Competition history: A champion lightweight bodybuilder in the 1990s, I recently returned in women’s physique, winning the masters division at the ’14 NPC West Coast Classic as well as the 45-and-over division at the’14 NPC Masters Nationals, where I also earned my IFBB pro card.

Factoids: I’m a volunteer for the Buddy Break organization and do missionary work and community volunteer services.

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