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Mangia—Let’s Eat!

Mangia—Let’s Eat!

“Mangia!” “Let’s eat!” in Italian (pronounced monja).

I grew up in an ethnic New York neighborhood that was mostly Italian. Whenever you went to someone’s house, it sounded something like this:
“Johnny boy! Howza you Mama anda you Daddy?”
“Oh, dey ah great, danks fa askin.’”
“Come on, Johnny boy, sit down and eat sumthin.’”
“Oh, I’m not hungry, I just ate.”
“Oh, that’s a great, how mucha do ya want?”

In my neighborhood, the word “no” just meant you didn’t have enough information to make an intelligent decision.  And you had to eat! So . . . we ate.
I want to encourage you to eat, probably more than you are eating now, so you can be lean, healthy, fit, and vibrant. Eat at least five or six meals a day, dividing your protein, fats, and carbs among those meals. If you are over 50, four or five meals a day will be good.  You know this already if you are an Ironman Magazine reader, this is part of the IM lifestyle!

In addition, we are going to include a Victory Day or meal. On Victory Day you can eat whatever you want!   Allowing yourself to splurge a little is good for your head and body. Immigrants have been eating this way for centuries.

Tomorrow we will go  back to the neighborhood and take a peek at how they ate.

For now Mangia!  The Ironman Magazine Way!

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