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Mandy Blank

Mandy Blank

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 125

Hometown: Los Angeles

Current residence: Beverly Hills, California

Occupation: International fitness model, celebrity body sculptor, producer, writer and poet

Marital status: Single but manifesting on my Muppet man.

Workout schedule: It depends on the season, but I’m committed to a six-day program, which includes cardio conditioning, stretching, flexibility and weights with circuit training, meditation and breathing.

Sample bodypart workout (delts and glutes): Rear-delt dumbbell flyes supersetted with Smith-machine squats; Smith-machine shoulder presses supersetted with stiff-legged deadlifts; upright rows supersetted with Smith-machine wide-stance squats

Favorite foods: I love to eat healthy, as I’m accustomed to consuming more organic veggies, nuts, seeds and fruits and lesser amounts of proteins. My favorite healthful snack would be Greek yogurt with raspberries and almonds, but I like food, period. I’m a fat-burning machine and can eat a lot—more than two grown men. That is a Blank Fact. However, I try and contain myself to having one bad thing on the weekends. It’s usually something salty like Italian food. Bread, pasta and cheese—Fagedaboudit!

Factoid: I want at least four Muppets and a Muppet man with a plan. That isn’t a joke—it’s another Blank Fact. I want a family of little Mandos and Mandarins running the show.

Future plans: Happiness, peace and success. I have a lot on my plate right now and will be relaunching my members-only Mandy Blank Intimate Club at Look for it in early 2011. I’m also launching a new and very exciting fitness program for men and woman, which is going to revolutionize health and fitness, period. Lastly, I have a clothing line that will finally be launched very soon. I’ve been working ever so hard to get it out to the public and have everybody wearing Blanksta’ Gear!

Contact info: [email protected], and IM

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