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Making the Meals Work

I hear people making all kinds of noise about frequent feedings. Sorry but getting big means eating big. Take the time to eat six meals. Here’s an arsenal of quick meals ideas to make eating six or more meals a day workable.

Always cook more than you need and keep your refrigerator stocked with cooked chicken, fish, turkey or steak. Stock your refrigerator with cleaned and cut carrots, celery, lettuce, cucumbers, onion and just about any vegetable that you can eat raw or cooked. Baked potatoes and cooked rice, low fat cottage cheese, yogurt, corn tortillas are all great staples to have on hand.

Keep your cabinet, car and desk stocked with tuna. And keep your car and desk and gym bag stocked with eating utensils.

With that you can combine any combination of protein, vegetables, and/or starch within minutes! Personally I like to be able to eat quick, simple and easy so this strategy fits the bill for me.

Grab some chicken, turkey, fish or steak and wrap it in a corn tortilla, add some celery sticks and carrots and your good to go.

Fast food restaurants usually have grilled chicken sandwiches and salads order the sandwiched and a salad, throw away the roll and put the chicken on the salad.

An apple or two and cottage cheese are usually available at most convenience stores, or cafeterias.

And of course the new shakers with screens in them make it easy to mix a meal replacement drink in less than two minutes just about anywhere.

Grab a meal replacement Nutrition bar.

Once you get in the habit of keeping these items on hand you’ll find that staying with the six meal a day plan is easy and the results will speak for themselves.

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