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Live Longer Foods

Live Longer Foods

Flavonoids is a category of naturally occurring antioxidants that includes isoflavones, anthocyanidins, flavonols, flavones, and more.

Scientists at the University of Western Australia conducted an epidemiological study and discovered that a high-flavonoid diet dramatically reduces your risk of dying. Researchers followed the diets of 1,063 subjects who were all over 75 years old.

They were organized into low-, medium-, or high-flavonoid consumers. During the course of the observation, 17 subjects from the low-flavonoid group passed away, while only five people from the high-flavonoid group passed in the same time frame. (The moder-ate groups lost 13 subjects.)

Researchers suspect that foods rich in flavonoids exert protective effects against cardiovascular diseases and certain forms of cancers. The most consumed flavonoid subgroups were flavanols (found in berries, tea, chocolate, apples, grapes, and red wine) and flavonols (found in broccoli, kale, cranberries, sweet cherries, yellow onions, and berries)

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