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Lift Big, Eat Big, To Be BIG!

That saying was passed around often when I was coming up the ranks as a wood be gym rat.

After 30 years I can look back and say with confidence, that the people who followed this advise achieved big.

Big injuries from lifting too big for too long.

Big bellies, they got fat from eating too much.

Big end to their lifting days unless they changed their ways.

You don’t have to destroy your joints, tendons and muscles to grow.

You don’t have to eat like a pig to grow.

All you have to do is stimulate your muscles, get enough recovery time and eat enough of the right food and you will grow.

Steve Holman has been helping me with my routine and I learned that I had to go old school to achieve my new body.

Doug Brignole has been following similar advise and is growing like a week and he is in his 50’s just like me and Steve.

We will be launching a new product called Old School New Body in the coming weeks that will show you how you can get lean, muscular, fit, injury free and energetic at any age and improve as you age.

Remember life is too short to be small but you want to do it the smart way.  The Old School New Body way!

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