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Laziest Vacation Ever

While I tried my best to work out and stay on track with my diet while on vacation, I definitely fell off the wagon. Far off the wagon. As in I didn’t work out for 10 days. Eek! That’s awful. But, I’m already signing myself up for a new challenge on top off what I already have going on.

I was called fat today. LOL. It didn’t hurt my feelings at all but gave me the extra little push I needed to get back on track. Back to chicken and broccoli and sweet potatoes and nothing that seems exciting. I have no issues with training. It’s the diet and changing that up that I have the hardest time doing/maintaining. I just love pastries a bit too much!

But, nonetheless, I am bak to training. And I think I want to hit the circuits again. So here is my go to for tomorrow:

Circuit 1: Squats- 15 reps, jumping lunges- 20 reps, bulgarian split squats- 15 reps

Circuit 2: Touchdowns- 10 reps each leg, pop squats- 20 reps, dead lifts- 15 reps

When I do these particular circuits, I do 6 sets with about 1 minute of rest in between. Seeing how I haven’t done these in quite some time, I think I may have to extend my rest time between sets. I’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned!

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