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Lauren Rae

www.ironmanmagazine.comHeight: 5’   Weight: 106

Lauren may be small in stature, but she has a towering passion for a life filled with integrity and joy. Active in athletics and cheerleading throughout her young-adult life, she was growing discontent, with no goals to work toward. Then she found one. In January 2011 Lauren began her journey to become an elite fitness competitor. Once afraid to wear shorts in the Arizona heat, she rocked the stage in her first NPC bikini event in July 2011 and qualified for national competition at her second show just nine months later. She will compete at the ’12 NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas in late July.

“The transformation I’ve made mentally and physically has given me a whole new outlook on life. Successes I never dreamed of achieving are purely a result of dedication, consistency and hard work.”

Goals: Lauren wants to inspire other women through lifestyle and nutritional counseling. “I want women to understand that health and happiness are attainable. My career path is now built around using the experiences of my personal fitness journey to educate others.”

Fitness philosophy: “Having physical and emotional fitness is a choice, one we make every day. As a society we are bombarded with inconsistent messaging and convenient ‘healthy’ choices that are making us sick. What keeps us moving forward is the opportunity to make a positive change and live every moment to fulfill our goals and dreams.”

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