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Kimberly Page

Kimberly Page

We all want to believe that we’re smart and good looking, but more often than not, people have one gift or the other. Not so with Kimberly Page. Yes, you first notice her looks-they hit you right between the eyes—and then you notice her jaw-dropping physique. What? She has smarts too? Incredible! Looking at Michael Neveux’s spectacular shots of Kimberly, you’d never guess that she started primary school at age four with an I.Q. of 145 and that she was the youngest student ever to receive a master of science degree in advertising at Northwestern University, a record that still stands. She was also in the top 20 percent of her class. If Kimberly looks familiar, it may be because you recognize her as one of wrestling’s Nitro Girls. By the way, she developed that whole concept. Smart gal. She’s also appeared on the covers of IRON MAN and other magazines and is now set to take the entertainment world by storm. I guess the only question is, Does she have a sister?

Workout: “My weight-training workout changes every time I go to the gym. I enjoy training legs, but I never do the same routine twice. I usually include lunges; high-rep, unweighted squats; leg extensions and leg presses or hack squats. I keep it aerobic with lots of reps, and I stretch between sets. I train four days per week, do three days of yoga and do cardio six days per week.”

Future plans: “I will be attending the premier of ‘Monarch of the Moon’ in Austin, Texas. It’s an independent sci-fi feature film that spoofs the old 1940s serials. I play Dragonfly, the hero’s nemesis. I also have a part in ‘The 40 Year-Old Virgin,’ starring Steve Carell, which should also premier this year.” [Check out Kimberly’s Web site for updates on her film and television appearances.]

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 137
Age: 32

Current residence: Marina del Rey, CA
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL

Occupation: Actress, model and spokesperson

Favorite foods: “If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be breakfast cereal. I’m not kidding! I like to mix cereals—like Jerry Seinfeld. But I also enjoy salads.”

Beauty/anti-aging secret: “There are no secret potions in my medicine cabinet. Every day I repeat to myself, ‘Young at heart, young at mind.'”

Factoids: B.A. in journalism from Auburn University, M.S. in advertising from Northwestern University, no children, two spoiled cats, Sophie and Spooki

Web site:

Hair and Make-Up Yvonne Ouellette

Compiled by Johnathan Lawson
Photography by Michael Nevuex

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