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Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole lee

Mail box full, try back another time. Again. And again. What the heck did I expect? Getting hold of Jennifer Nicole Lee these days is about as easy as finding a cure for male-pattern baldness.

Married with children. Fitness celebrity. Author. CEO of a multimillion-dollar empire, JNL Inc. Creator, partner and designer of the Ab Circle Pro, currently ranked as the highest-selling piece of exercise equipment in the world. Certified life coach. Team Elite BSN athlete. Champion bikini competitor. Up to 200 pounds after the birth of her second son, she now carries 126 to 130 pounds of sexy muscle on a curvy

5’8 1/2” frame.

Jennifer is recognized in more than 100 different countries, and her commercials have been dubbed into more than 20 languages. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past six months or so, you’ve seen Jennifer do her thing on the top-rated interactive shopping channel HSN, which reaches as many as 90 million homes. Or you’ve seen some of the 30 magazine covers she has graced, including the one on the front of this issue. Or you’ve seen her on “Oprah,” E! Entertainment network, “Inside Edition” or “The Early Show.” Lee is to high energy and motivation what Clint Eastwood is to box office longevity. Her most impressive feat to date, however, took place during her photo shoot with Michael Neveux.” The 30-something human conglomerate glided up the step machine—easily—in four-inch heels!

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Compiled by Lonnie Teper

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