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Jack LaLanne

LaLanne in his home gym

LaLanne in his home gym

Saturday (5.16) I visited Jack LaLanne at his home to record a video interview about his early days in the gym business  and his days  on Muscle Beach. As usual, Jack and his wife Elaine, were the perfect hosts.  As a part of his daily workouts, Jack swims a half hour a day and now has an “Endless Pool” which he just raved about.  Great idea–always 88 degrees and you can vary the speed of the current to what is best on any day.  Jack’s 95th birthday is coming up in September and I wanted to expand my own knowledge of Jack’s early life in order to create an article for the October Issue.  To fully appreciate Jack’s enthusiasm and power, he must be video taped. Saturday’s taping provided me with a visual record of one of the seminal characters in our world and the world wide fitness revolution.  As Jack said to me, “I have dedicated my life to helping people become stronger and healthier”.  Jack’s enthusiasm for living is an ongoing inspiration.  Thanks to Jack and Elaine for a memorable day.  And thanks to our mutual friend Ricky Suzuki for making it happen.

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