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It’s Time to Get Broser Built

7207-mind7Coach, trainer, pro bodybuilder and IRON MAN columnist Eric Broser recently relocated to Beverly Hills, California, to make himself more easily accessible to members of the entertainment industry for one-on-one training. Eric loves the challenge and satisfaction of rapidly “restructuring” a client’s physique for a specific event, role or photo shoot—but you don’t have to live in Southern California to benefit from Eric’s fitness, nutrition and physique-sculpting expertise.

With the launch of his new Web site,, you can work with Eric personally through his long-distance, online coaching services and/or by subscribing to his Broser Built Program.

The program was created specifically for people who are unable to work with Eric either in person or online via his individually customized protocols but still want to use workouts that he created with his world-renowned P/RR/S and FD/FS training systems.

The workouts are designed to be incorporated into a three-, four- or five-days-per-week regimen, and he’ll change them each week to keep your training fresh, fun, effective and free of plateaus. Every workout includes exercises, sets, reps, rest periods, lifting tempos and intensity techniques, so there’ll be absolutely no guesswork about what you need to do at the gym.

You’ll also have access to dozens of videos that show you the proper form for every exercise, with clear and concise instructions and explanations of the muscles being targeted. In addition, the videos make it easy to substitute a similar exercise if you’re unable to perform one due to an injury or lack of equipment. The Broser Built Program is almost like having Eric as your coach but at a fraction of the cost.

Check out today, and take advantage of the free seven-day trial subscription. It’s time to be Broser Built!

—the Editors


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