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ITRC: Size Surge Spectacular

Build mass fast without breaking the bank with this Muscle Meals and Anavol-R special.

If you're serious about building mass, you've probably experienced 10-Week Size Surge'A Crash Course for Packing On Muscle Weight. The many letters and loads of e-mail we receive verify the program's ability to build mass fast, and we've seen it do some spectacular things to trainees at the IRONMAN Training & Research Center. For example, it pulled Jonathan Lawson out of a training tailspin and added almost 20 pounds of muscle to his frame in about two months. He detailed his Size Surge experience in 20 Pounds of Muscle in 10 Weeks.

Jonathan did use supplements on his SS odyssey, but because Size Surge was designed as a bare-bones mass-building approach, the book doesn't require a supplement budget'although it does recommend antioxidants and specific vitamins. Instead, it includes a recipe for a home-brew Power Shake that substitutes for a meal replacement in a pinch.

As good as the Power Shake is, it can't hold a candle to some of the the scientifically designed MRPs that are now available. For one thing the Power Shake is a recipe. That means you have to collect the ingredients, such as yogurt and fruit, do the work and clean up. It's a lot more convenient to just rip open a packet, pour the premixed power-packed contents into a shaker or blender and drink it down'no muss, no fuss. And if you pick the right one, you'll get some phenomenal size-building extras, such as vitamins, minerals, glutamine peptides and lactoferrin, ingredients that can be key in keeping your body in an anabolic environment so your growth stays on an upward trajectory.

If you're after a more spectacular Size Surge experience, put a cutting-edge meal replacement at the top of the list, but be sure it contains both micellar casein and whey protein, a protein fusion that provides both fast anabolic uptake and a slow anticatabolic trickle-feed effect. In other words, you get an immediate amino infusion from your stomach to your bloodstream from the whey and then a slower pulsing of aminos from the micellar casein, which digests more slowly than whey, bathing your muscles in the building blocks they need to grow'continuously. So if you eat six meals a day, including MRPs that feature micellar casein and whey, your body is primed for mass building every hour of the day. If you use a whey-only supplement, the protein can be in and out of your system in about an hour'which means the starvation mechanism can kick in and you can burn muscle tissue'yes, the hard-earned muscle you sweated for in the gym. So be sure you get both types of protein in your MRP.

In addition to the protein fusion, your meal replacement should give you extra vitamins, minerals and glutamine peptides, which help kick in exceptional growth. Glutamine is the prevailing amino in muscle tissue, so it's obviously of premier importance. The peptide-bonded version is the absolute best for maximum absorption'the Rolls-Royce of glutamine supplements'and serious bodybuilders swear by it.

Muscle-Link's Muscle Meals has all of those key mass-inducing factors, which is why it complements the Size Surge program so perfectly. It now comes in two delicious flavors, creamy smooth vanilla and Dutch chocolate smoothie, and it's brimming with everything your body needs to surge toward spectacular new size, including a whopping 10 grams of glutamine peptides.

Next on the Size Surge supplement list is creatine, but not just the standard gritty compound that's sold in solo form. We're talking a highly absorbable creatine that's part of an array of muscle-cell volumizers, a product that's tailor-made for trainees searching for an extreme size surge. It's called AnaVol-R, and it forces your muscle cells to swell via fluid uptake so you not only look and feel bigger, but you also get better leverage within the muscle structures for a significant strength increase.

A study by Ziegenfuss, Lowery and Lemon that was published online in the Journal of Exercise Physiology (October 1998) showed a 3 percent increase in water inside the cell after only a three-day loading routine of creatine'which can translate into pounds of muscle for many trainees. The developers of AnaVol-R realized that, so each serving includes five grams of high-quality creatine that's titrated, or balanced, at a pH of approximately 4.5'bringing its solubility in line with the top effervescent formulas. Plus, it's top-of-the-line pure creatine, not the cheap low-grade stuff many supplement companies use.

AnaVol-R also contains D-ribose, which has been shown to have positive effects on cellular energetics via ATP production'and that can affect cell volume as well as muscle performance. D-ribose is one of the newer supplements on the bodybuilding block, but it's already gotten rave reviews from trainees worldwide, and it shows a signficant synergistic effect with creatine. If you want supercharged muscle ATP along with an extreme volumizing punch, use creatine and ribose together. Talk about a size-and-strength surge!

Other ingredients in AnaVol-R include chromium GTF, which acts as a co-factor to insulin, one of the most anabolic hormones in the body, and a proprietary blend of amino acids, each having a positive effect on cell volume through a number of different pathways'and the new light tropical flavor makes it a perfect preworkout elixir. You can almost feel it supercharging your muscles and then filling them up as you train. More muscle-cell volume is exactly what you're after when you're blasting in the gym with 10-Week Size Surge'or any mega-mass-building program. If you want to take up more space with a muscle-packed physique, AnaVol-R is your ticket to the big leagues, especially if you tag-team it with Muscle Meals.

Of course, Muscle Meals and AnaVol-R are the highest-quality products in their respective classes, so they aren't cheap'but that's where the IRONMAN Research Team comes in. Our goal is for you to be able to use the best supplements without crippling your bank account. This month's featured combo is no exception. Here's our super Size Surge supplement special for spectacular results:

'Four boxes (80 packets) of Muscle Meals ($240 value). Choose original creamy smooth vanilla or new Dutch chocolate smoothie.

'Three two-pound canisters of AnaVol-R ($240 value).

That's a $480 value, but you get it all for only $239.95 plus shipping'half price. You save about $240 for a 10-week, or 2 1/2-month, supply of the best mass-building supplements around. They're guaranteed to boost your gains while you're on the 10-Week Size Surge program'or almost any other get-big program, for that matter'and you get them at a sweet price! All you have to do in return is give us feedback on the products after you use them. We'll send you a simple questionnaire. And, if you can swing it, have some before and after pictures taken. Before photos will show exactly how you look and help you set a specific goal. Then, if you do things right and stay committed, you'll be amazed at your transformation when you see those after photos'and you'll never want to go back to what you were before.

Call immediately to take advantage of this offer, and we'll rush your supplements to you. It's time to get on the team and get big with the program. Ready to watch your size surge to new levels? Call 1-800-447-0008 today and ask for the IM Research Team Size Surge Special no-strings-attached offer, and make this year your biggest one yet. Editor's note: For more on 10-Week Size Surge, see page 161 of the May '01 IRONMAN magazine. IM

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