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ITRC: Mega Pump Amazing Growth

Just-Discovered Pharmaceutical Compound Guarantees the Most Intense Pumps of Your Life for Super Size Stimulation

Building muscle, getting stronger and becoming shredded that's what it's all about. So how do you do it? What's the secret? How come some people seem to do it almost effortlessly, while the rest of us face a constant struggle? Well, it's no secret, really. You just have to train with weights and eat enough good food to fuel your body. Next question?

Whoa, not so fast. There's more to it than that.

The blueprint is simple enough, but achieving the results you want isn't so easy. Nevertheless, even the slowest-growing hardgainers in the world have experienced great workouts. They may not have done so with regularity, but the possibility of an intense workout'the kind where you get a huge, skin-bursting pump in the bodypart you're training'is available for everyone.

That's really the key'when you consistently train intensely and achieve an incredible pump every time you work out, your muscles will grow larger, stronger and more sinewy. They have no alternative. To adapt to the stress you inflict on them, your muscles must get huge and powerful.

The touchstone of a massive, shredded physique is to maximize every single workout by ensuring that you get an amazing pump and by manipulating your body so it's in a constant anabolic and anti-catabolic state. Now, how do you do it? Maybe you get a great pump sometimes, a decent pump most of the time and no pump at other times. What can you do to eliminate the weak or nonexistent pumps? How do you guarantee that every time you work out your body will respond to each set by pumping almost instantly?

Mental focus has a lot to do with it'but you're probably tired of hearing that. The mind can't overcome the body that's not capable of achieving a pump. A great workout is one where you get a great pump and you lift heavier than usual for more reps without feeling drained and exhausted. Plus, you hold on to the pump long after your training session is over. In fact, you feel that your muscles are ready for more, even hours after your workout. You not only build muscle mass during exercise but also recuperate almost instantly. Imagine if you could string together a few weeks of workouts like that: You'd be huge, ripped and stronger than ever in no time.

That's the reason the lucky few are able to make such rapid and dramatic gains. They get an amazing pump in every workout. Their strength is constantly increasing. They recuperate with ease and speed. They also experience highly optimized nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, which means they process the protein they eat into muscle mass.

Training and not getting the results you deserve is like working and not getting a paycheck; we've all been there. Finally, though, there's a way for you to cash in during every workout with a pump that will earn you all the ripped muscle and ungodly strength you want. It's a way for everyone to replicate the perfect environment for consistently phenomenal workouts. No longer are only the happy few, the genetically elite, able to achieve outstanding physiques packed with shredded muscle mass.

The SAN Corporation has made an incredible discovery, and the result is OX, a spectacular new supplement that will revolutionize the entire bodybuilding industry. SAN has led the way with the most cutting-edge products on the market, and OX is no exception. Don't be confused by other supplements claiming to do what OX actually does. That's simply not possible, because OX is based on a compound that's never been made available to bodybuilders before. OX contains a secret formulation of powerful ingredients, so its potency and effectiveness can't be approached by anything else on the market.

A major secret to having great workouts that lead to muscle mass and power is increasing blood flow in the body. You need to create an environment that, when you begin training, flexing and contracting your muscles, enables the absolute maximum amount of blood to rush to the bodypart you're working. It's called vasodilation, and it's the reason you experience a tremendous pump. When you start a set for biceps, the body wants to send more blood to the area. Unfortunately, sometimes the blood vessels are constricted, which prevents the flow of blood to the muscles you're training. And when blood flow is limited, you won't get a pump.

We can't overstate the importance of achieving a killer pump in order to explode with new muscle and strength. OX is packed with powerful compounds vital to making incredible pumps the rule rather than the exception. That means you'll not only achieve an awesome pump during your training session, but you'll also hold on to it. What's more, the longer you keep the blood in the muscles, the more growth you promote. ALL OX's key components foster increased blood flow, which not only promotes wicked pumps but also carries more oxygen and delivers nutrients more efficiently. That means you'll feel the pump while training and experience constant anabolic and anticatabolic effects. You'll gain muscle and prevent muscle breakdown simultaneously.

Providing you with a tremendous pump in every workout, in every bodypart'even ones that don't usually pump well or at all'would be more than enough for most companies. But SAN always goes the extra mile to deliver results that dwarf everything else on the market.

The real reason OX is so effective is that it duplicates the ideal conditions for great workouts every time you train. Here's a recap of what OX does for you:

'It delivers instantaneous and intense pumps that defy description.

'It provides limitless energy supplies so you'll train harder, heavier and more intensely.

'It speeds recovery after grueling workouts, so you'll recuperate fully and grow. That means you won't suffer from excessive soreness, slowed progress and so on'and any signs of overtraining should disappear.

'It increases nitrogen levels in the body so you'll assimilate and absorb protein faster and more completely, which means your body will convert protein into more muscle mass.

How does OX work? Well, we've already talked about how OX opens up the blood vessels so blood flow is maximized during workouts. That's what causes the incredible pumps. Heavy training, though, causes the buildup of waste products like lactic acid and ammonia. When levels of those by-products are high, your muscles will feel and look flat. You'll be weak and will suffer from increased and prolonged soreness. To combat those problems, OX uses specific components that quickly metabolize (neutralize and eliminate) lactic acid and ammonia. That means you'll constantly grow and recuperate rapidly.

OX has also been scientifically proven by German researchers to radically elevate blood levels of three potent amino acids: arginine, ornithine and citrulline. That promotes greater nitrogen retention, and when you're in positive nitrogen balance, your body experiences the heightened protein synthesis that speeds conversion of protein into muscle mass.

OX's vasodilation properties produce amazing pumps and dramatically enhance recuperation after tough workouts. That improves nitrogen retention and protein synthesis so you add more quality muscle mass from the food you eat.

You know how great it feels when you have an awesome workout and get a phenomenal pump. Your muscles get heavy and tight. You can really feel the intense contraction during each rep and when you flex after each set. You know what I'm talking about. The longer you hold that pump, the more growth you'll experience. The more easily you duplicate and intensify that pump in subsequent workouts, the stronger and more muscular you'll become.

Imagine the best pump you've ever had in your life. Using OX will guarantee you exceed that feeling at every workout. You don't have to change your training at all. Just train hard, and you'll feel your body connect and pump up from your very first warmup set. OX accomplishes the fundamental objectives for finally achieving the physique you want. More than that, results come quickly. You won't have to hope you'll have great workouts. You will feel a difference with OX almost immediately. Most people have reported a noticeably improved pump in their first workout after using OX. Within seven to 10 days, after your body is saturated with OX's combination of potent compounds, you'll really start to see your body changing for the better. Your strength and endurance during workouts will increase, and you'll have that satisfying feeling that you're constantly improving.

OX is that powerful.

Editor's note: To get two 180-cap bottles of SAN's new OX for only $79.95 (you save more than $50), call (800) 447-0008 and ask for the IRON MAN Research Team OX Special. IM

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