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ITRC: Growth Hormone Surge

Let the GH Flow So You Can Burn Fat and Grow

Growth hormone is getting a reputation as a miracle rejuvenating compound. According to a bevy of studies, a surge in your GH can increase your muscle mass; burn bodyfat; strengthen connective tissues, including tendons and ligaments; help heal injuries; revitalize your skin and hair; bolster your immune system and give you more energy. It's no wonder drug companies have been overwhelmed by the demand since GH was first introduced more than two decades ago. Today aging baby boomers consider it the Fountain of Youth, which is driving demand even higher.

Most bodybuilders couldn't care less about revitalizing skin and hair, but GH's muscle-building, fat-burning potential has lured them to it like nerds to a 'Star Trek' convention. Bodybuilders began experimenting with GH in the late '80s and early '90s, and now almost every pro is using or has used it. Many experts believe that human growth hormone is so powerful, it's the reason physique athletes are so much bigger and leaner now than they were in past decades. In fact, GH may be the single biggest reason there are so many behemoths stalking the stages at pro contests'it's the ultimate muscle-building, fat-burning compound, especially when used in conjunction with other substances'legal or otherwise.

Scientists are beginning to understand that GH has synergistic reactions with other anabolic hormones in the human endocrine system, including testosterone. The problem is, GH is a prescription drug that you have to administer intramuscularly. So the question becomes, How do you increase your GH naturally to harness its amazing power without having to inject it and risk dangerous side effects? The answer is, you take advantage of scientific training techniques and supplements that are based on the latest research.

Training for GH release involves keying in on the big compound exercises, like squats and rows, and also getting a burn in the target muscles by supersetting exercises and/or using other set-extending techniques. But if you want an even bigger, better surge, you should use supplements that complement those training techniques, specifically GH Stak, an effervescent growth hormone booster, and Cort-Bloc, a cortisol-control compound. GH Stak and Cort-Bloc synergize to ratchet up your natural growth hormone levels. As IRONMAN's European researcher Michael G'ndill explained, 'When GH users are unhappy with their results, the culprit is usually cortisol. Cortisol and GH are mortal enemies. Studies have demonstrated that GH's anabolic effects are blunted when cortisol level is high. Scientists think cortisol reduces the number and/or the responsiveness of GH receptors to growth hormone. What's more, high-cortisol secretion is usually associated with a reduced GH secretion. Research has shown that GH boosters fail to elevate GH secretion whenever cortisol is high.' That pretty much sums up the synergy of the two supplements. Here's how and why they work.

GH Stak. Research points to a number of amino acids along with a host of other compounds that together can create a growth hormone tidal wave. One supplement that incorporates all of the latest research into a powerful GH-releasing compound is Muscle-Link's GH Stak.

According to GH Stak's developer, noted pharmacologist James Jamieson, who also invented the patch delivery system for drugs, you get a synergistic effect from the compounds in the effervescent supplement and the GH-releasing effects of high-intensity exercise.

Why is GH Stak in an effervescent form? Because studies show that there's a significant increase in GH from oral glutamine when the glutamine is in that form. The effervescent action also enhances the delivery of other growth hormone precursors, such as L-arginine, which is included in GH Stak in a more bioactive pyroglutamate form than what you get from standard L-arginine supplements.

GH Stak also contains anterior pituitary peptides that normalize somatostatin, a hormone that can shut down GH and IGF-1 receptors. That's extremely important because when you elevate GH and IGF-1, you don't want somatostatin to smother their effects. GH Stak's anterior pituitary peptides prevent the shutdown, which drastically increases the effects.

As for the research, an unpublished study on GH Stak showed that bodybuilders had anywhere from a 12 percent increase in IGF-1 levels after just one day of using the supplement all the way to a 36.6 percent increase after only six days. The results have been so spectacular that doctors at anti-aging clinics are using this product in place of GH injections. (IGF-1 levels are more stable and have a direct correlation to GH levels, which is the reason they're used to measure GH output.)

You take GH Stak after a two-hour fast either right before bed or right before you train.

Cort-Bloc (phosphatidylserine). With intense training comes increased cortisol, a stress hormone that can cannibalize muscle tissue and blunt the anabolic effects of GH. Fortunately, one compound can fight that negative effect and in turn increase the power of GH: phosphatidylserine. In two Italian studies PS showed impressive anticatabolic properties in endurance athletes, suppressing cortisol by more than 30 percent. In a recent study by Professor Thomas Fahey of California State University, Chico, it was shown that soy-based PS reduced blood cortisol during and after bodybuilding-type workouts by almost 30 percent, an especially important finding for weight trainers who classify themselves as hardgainers.

Cortisol production is a primitive mechanism that's triggered when the fight-or-flight response is invoked. That means, if you're under a lot of stress during the day, cortisol could be causing your body to waste muscle tissue at almost every turn. It's believed that hardgainers are cortisol overproducers. In addition, the body perceives intense workouts as a threatening stress and, therefore, pumps cortisol into your system after every hard training session. It also perceives hunger as stress, a key reason to take a cortisol-control supplement like Cort-Bloc with your last meal at night prior to the two-hour fast that precedes your growth hormone booster. Remember, you want your cortisol to be low when you take your GH booster because cortisol blunts GH's anabolic effects.

With so many factors causing cortisol release and impending muscle catabolism, is it any wonder that it's so hard to build muscle? The catabolic facts regarding cortisol make it obvious that PS should be on every bodybuilder's supplement list, especially high-strung individuals who generally overproduce cortisol. Take it prior to your workouts, and by reducing your cortisol levels, you'll also get more anabolic power from your GH.

Cort-Bloc retails for $49.99 for a 60-capsule bottle, and GH Stak retails for $129.95 for an eight-week cycle. Call 1-800-447-0008 and ask for the IM Research Team GH-Boosting Special and you'll get two bottles of Cort-Bloc and an eight-week cycle of GH Stak for only $169.95. You save almost $60. Call to take advantage of this limited offer.

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