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Why Fat-Loss Resistance May Be Wreaking Havoc on You and How to Break It–Once and for All

I'm going to offer you an explanation of how your cellular environment gets mucked up and out of balance and begins to function inefficiently. More important, you'll learn how to correct those breakdowns. You can't live a healthy, vital life or efficiently lose bodyfat until you fix the problem. If you don't, your ability to build muscle will also be affected.

Your body works on electrical currents tied with magnetism, or electromagnetism. That's actually what runs you. All the nerves of your body send electromagnetic signals. To be totally energetic, to be totally healthy, to have the stuff you need to drive through your workouts, to supply every cell in your body with oxygen and nutrients, every cell in your body must have electrical power.

The delicate pH balance in human biochemistry activates the body's electrical power. Anything that messes up the electrical balance also messes up your cells'and your organs.

Whenever the alkalinity of the blood is reduced, even slightly, its ability to transport carbon dioxide gets reduced. That results in the accumulation of acid in the tissues. The blood cannot efficiently bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells in an acid environment. That condition is known as acidosis, or hypoalkalinity, of the blood.

Acidosis is the breeding ground for most diseases, including nephritis, rheumatism, premature old age, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, skin disorders and various degenerative diseases. It seriously interferes with the functions of the glands and body organs. It also lowers systemic vitality, thereby increasing the danger of infectious diseases. We begin to experience aches and pains, and our risk for cancer, diabetes and arteriosclerosis increases.

What messes up that delicate biochemical balance? The main cause of acidosis is faulty diet. The problem is that you don't get alkaline foods'green vegetables and almonds, for example'in a proper ratio to acid-forming foods'meat, cheese, processed foods, carbs, coffee and wine, for example. Acidosis of the blood can also be caused by stress and, of course, by intense, gut-busting workouts. Should you stop training? Of course not. But you do need to balance your high-protein, high-stress, high-intensity lifestyle with ample alkalinity, or it will catch up with you. In the normal process of metabolism, or the body's conversion of food into energy, various acids are formed in the system and other acids are introduced in food. Whenever there is a substantial increase in acid formation and the acids aren't properly eliminated through the lungs, kidneys and bowels, blood alkalinity is reduced, resulting in acidosis.

190 Points Off Her Cholesterol in Just Six Weeks! Amazing!

One 37-year-old woman has been studied since she was 14 years old by the National Institutes of Health because she and her entire family have cholesterol that hovers around 450; around 200 is considered reasonable. If your count is 450, you're a heart attack waiting to happen. The experts tried every diet they could and every kind of treatment you can imagine. They put this girl on low-cholesterol and no-cholesterol diets, and the cholesterol still rises or stays the same. They've never been able to reduce it, even with medication.

And then this woman started alkalizing her body by adding alkaline foods to her diet and by drinking a green drink that brings more alkalinity into the body. She dropped 50 pounds of bodyfat in a little more than six weeks. Not bad considering she's never been able to lose weight. Why? She was so acidic that her body hung on to the fat. She also lost 190 points off her cholesterol in six weeks.

How does the body deal with acidity? It starts to break down its reserves. Because the body is so resilient, it pulls alkalinity from its alkaline reserves'like leeching calcium from the bones and thus weakening them. Another thing the body does is coat the arteries with plaque and cholesterol to protect them from the acidity in the blood. Acidic blood can burn a hole through your arteries'and for obvious reasons you can't have holes in your arteries.

The body protects vital organs by shunting acid into fat stores. It has to hold on to the fat stores to protect itself because fat is an acid holding tank. So if you're acidic, you aren't going to lose bodyfat anywhere near as efficiently or easily as if you were alkaline, no matter how hard you diet or how much cardio you do.

You're not overfat; you're overacid. Etch that in granite. You won't let go of the fat no matter how much you train and no matter how strict you are with your diet. You must create an environment that's more alkaline.

All fruits'with exceptions like plums'and all green and root vegetables are highly alkaline. Those are the foods that help alkalinize the blood and other fluids. Thus your daily diet should consist of as much as 80 percent alkaline-forming foods, such as juicy fruits, legumes, leafy and root vegetables, and 20 percent acid-forming foods that contain concentrated proteins and starches, such as meat, fish, bread and cereals.

Are any bodybuilders successful at doing this? Yes. Lee Priest eats loads of asparagus in his precontest phase. Gustavo Badel eats lots of broccoli at almost every meal. Skip La Cour, Jeff Willet and Derik Farnsworth are eating two to four pounds of green vegetables every day'and they've all been more ripped than ever because of it.

Think about it. The medical community tells Joe Lunchbox, average American, to eat five servings a day of fruits and vegetables with a normal protein intake of about 80 grams a day. As bodybuilders we're eating 200 to 300 grams a day of protein, and some of us aren't even getting our five servings a day of fruits and vegetables. With that much protein the requirement for vegetables is more along the lines of 15 or 20 servings a day. If we don't take the steps to take in that alkalinity, something is going to break down. If the body is fighting like crazy just to stay healthy, is it going to recover from workouts? No. Is it going to build muscle efficiently? No. If your body doesn't have the proper electrical energy, are you going to have the drive to power through those intense workouts? No. So in a sense you're just spinning your wheels, going nowhere fast.

As well as having an alkalizing effect on the body, green vegetables are high in fiber, which is also extremely important in the fat-burning process. When fiber is digested, it's fermented in the intestines and converted into short-chain fatty acids, which can be burned for fuel. The burning of fatty acids sends a signal to your fat stores'Hey, let go of the fat, buddy'and you start using the fat stores for fuel.

The good news is that by adding an ample supply of alkaline green foods to your table, you can be well on your way to correcting many health issues and losing bodyfat.

If you're getting one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight and you're interested in building muscle, you need more alkalinity in your diet. You can eat all those vegetables or take a special green drink that's equivalent to five servings of vegetables. Each serving of one tablespoon of powder mixed with water has only 50 calories and is low in carbohydrates. Either way you do it, start eating green and turn your body into a lean muscle machine.

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