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IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #415: Get Muscle Size Surges and Fat-Loss Firestorms

IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #415:
Get Muscle Size Surges and Fat-Loss Firestorms


Get Muscle Size Surges and Fat-Loss Firestorms

Q: First, thank you for the Size Surge Workout program. I’ve gained seven solid pounds on it, and I’m not done yet. I may get 10 pounds after it’s all over. My question is, Can I do it again right away? I’ve read some of your X Rep e-books and would like to use [end-of-set X-Rep partials] the second time around to make it more intense and add more mass. Any suggestions in that area?

A: In our 3D Muscle Building e-book we analyze Jonathan’s Size Surge program and retool the phase 1 workouts with X Reps on the appropriate exercises as well as multi-rep rest/pause (a.k.a. DoggCrapp training) and drop sets.

It’s on pages 82-84 of the 3D e-book: The SS Phase 1 Mass F/X Program. We use the F/X designation because at one workout you train a muscle with max Force (power) and then when you work it again, you use multi-rep rest/pause for eXtended tension (density).

Let’s take the back workouts as an example. You train back on Monday and Friday, so Monday will be force (power) and Friday will be extended tension (density)…


Chins or pulldowns (X Reps), 2 x 9-12
Bent-over rows, 2 x 9-12

Nothing fancy, except you do end-of-set partials, or X Reps, near the turnaround on the second set of the first exercise to leapfrog nervous system failure, innervate more mass fibers and activate growth hormone release. (Note: X Reps as well as proper warm-up technique are all explained in the 3D e-book.) Your next workout focuses on tension time to build that component of the key 2A mass fibers…


Chins or pulldowns (R/P), 1 x 9(6)(4)
Bent-over rows (R/P), 1 x 9(6)(4)

For the uninitiated, multi-rep rest/pause (R/P) is taking a weight that allows 9 reps. Go all out, to failure, rest for 10 to 15 seconds, then take the same weight again and rep out. You should get around six reps; rest 10 to 15 seconds, then do one last all-out set, getting around four reps. Very intense, extremely effective at building the 2A fibers that are dominant in the biggest bodybuilders.

It’s a similar force-extended tension setup for every major muscle on Monday and Friday. As you experienced, the original Size Surge phase 1 is the same workout on those two days. This new souped-up F/X version provides two different types of training to trigger more growth quickly.

What about the Wednesday F/X workout? It’s different too. At that workout you hit deadlifts, calves, biceps, triceps, forearms and abs–same as the original SS program–but you do a mix of power and density for most of those muscle groups. That’s because they get hit directly only once every week, so you need to attack both the power and endurance components. (You’ll look forward to this workout because your arms will pump up HUGE!)

You can simply make the above adjustments to the phase 1 SS program in The X-traordinary Size Surge Workout, or follow the F./X version outlined in 3D MB. As you can see, it’s a BIG step up the ladder of intensity–for another blast of muscle immensity!

[Special Ultimate 3D Offer: You can get the 3D Muscle Building e-book alone, or buy it together with the X-traordinary Muscle-Building Workout–10 Complete Size-and-Strength Programs–and the X-traordinary Arms e-book for a special low price (you save $45). Click here to check it out.]

Q: Do you think I could lose 20 pounds in a month? I have a reunion coming up, and I want to be in a somewhat healthy looking condition. I want the fat off. It’s killing me to see this gut!

A: Yes, you could lose that much, but most of it would be water and muscle–and you probably wouldn’t look better or feel healthy–in fact, you’d feel like crap and look worse than you feel. We’re all impatient when it comes to changing our bodies, but the best strategy is gradual and steady, even when there’s a short deadline…

You’re better off shooting to lose about 10 pounds of fat in that month and lifting hard to build muscle. You’ll be amazed at what shedding some ugly fat and gaining some rock-hard muscle will do for your total look and how you feel–from both health and self-confidence standpoints.

And remember, if you do it right you’ll be adding muscle AND losing fat–in a sense, morphing mush to muscle–so the scale isn’t something you should pay attention to very closely. In other words, if you lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle, you will look completely different (so much better), but the scale will read exactly the same. It’s the fat-to-muscle reshuffle…

Work out with weights for an hour four days a week and follow each session with 15 minutes of cardio. Also, eat clean, but don’t starve yourself–get plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables and cut back the junk. Train hard and eat right for 30 days and prepare to be amazed!

Note: For more fat-to-muscle tips, meal-by-meal diets and fat-to-muscle training programs, see the Triple-Shredded Combo Offer with our 3 best-selling fat-off, muscle-on e-books. It includes Becky Holman’s transformation program that can work wonders for both men and women…

Till next time, train hard–and smart–for BIG results.

–Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson

NEW: The X-traordinary SIZE SURGE Workout, Jonathan Lawson’s legendary two-phase mass program that packed 20 pounds of muscle on his frame in only 10 weeks. See all the changes he made to the original workouts, transcribed from his training journal. In printable templates so you can duplicate his incredible gains. You also get his eat-to-grow diet and streamlined no-frills supplement schedule, anabolic acceleration methods and loads of tips and tricks. Plus, an interview with a top-level bodybuilder who trains Size Surge style for incredible growth.

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Newbies: If you’re a beginning bodybuilder, coming back from a layoff or a trainer who trains beginners, our new e-book, Quick-Start Muscle-Building Guide, is for you.

To follow the ITRC training program in “Train, Eat, Grow,” get a copy of the latest issue of IRON MAN.

This Special Report was submitted by Jonathan Lawson and Steve Holman.

The IRON MAN Training & Research Team

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February 2010:

Our February issue is guaranteed to blow up your guns to unreal proportions. Drug-free bodybuilder Michael O’Hearn outlines his secrets for getting true 21-inch arms without resorting to steroids. Prepare to stretch your shirtsleeves! And for you strongman fans, we check in with New York Giants lineman Chris Snee, the NFL’s strongest player and a man who can move defenders as well as heavy iron. Plus, we’ll have the Fit Couple winners and a power-density workout with an Arnold connection. Find the February IRON MAN on newsstands now! See the Table of Contents here for a full preview.



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