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Inside Secrets for Muscle Growth

One of the things I’ve learned from training with and interviewing dozens of Champion bodybuilders is that there is no one set method of training that everyone follows. Most champions have found methods that work for them. I interviewed NPC Champion Dan Decker last year and one of Dan’s core philosophies on training is change

Dan says “It’s easy to get caught up in a trap of doing the same exercises and routines over and over without really considering worthwhile alternatives. Sometimes a new set of exercises can stimulate growth and can actually be found to be more productive and even safer than the old standby’s that you’ve relied on.”

The mistake most trainees make in designing their training routine for maximum muscle gains is their belief that every routine has to include certain exercises or the whole thing goes up in smoke.

Dan says… “If you say well I’ve got to include squats and leg extensions for instance or skull crushers and barbell curls or whatever then you’ll have to do them. They need to consider that there are dozens of ways to do “the basics” just as there a dozens of ways to organize your routine.”

It’s good advice to include as much variety in your training as you can possibly get. If you do the same exercises, sets and reps are done day in and day out, month after month, your body becomes so accustomed to what you’re doing that muscle growth will stop altogether. Change your training program every 12 weeks or more. When possible, change your grip or foot position or the order of the exercises within that 12 week period. Change can shock you into a new growth range.

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