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Inoue Weekend at the OC

Another good weekend for diet guru Tad Inoue at last week’s Orange County Muscle Classic. Five of his clients placed, but two are especially close to his heart. Wife Bernadette, who gave birth to their first child, Kiana Bernadette, the morning after last season’s Junior Cal–on Father’s Day, no less– (you all did read my blog on that amazing scenario, didn’t you?) , is the poster child on how to get back in shape in a hurry as she won the Masters 35+ Bikini division at Anaheim High School. This amazing lady, 37, has four children (9, 7 and 5, in addition to Kiana, 10 months) and is still a champion on stage. Motivating enough, gals?

And, Tad’s twin brother, Aseo, was ripped and ready as he finished second in the Lightweight division behind John Caruso. Aseo, an English professor at Fresno State University, has been married to Kelly for 18 years and has two children, 11 and 9.

Speaking of blogs, have you read Tad’s on the site? Another great new addition to the team; just look at the results of the people he works with, and it’s easy to pay close attention to his advice.

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