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In Transition

This is probably one of the toughest times I’ve endure in a long time. Being in transition flat out sucks. I feel like I’m constantly in limbo. If you don’t know, let me enlighten you a little.

I got a job teaching at CSU San Bernardino. My job here ended in May. The lease for my apartment ended in June. My contract doesn’t start till mid-September. So I’m stuck in limbo until then. Thankfully, I’ve been staying with my step-mom trying to save money. But I swear as much money as I save is as much money that I have for some expense- especially when it comes to the big move. But even more so, my fitness lifestyle has been suffering.

It’s harder to get to the gym because where I stay at now is equally far from just about every gym in the city (although that is changing within the next day or so thanks to my sister!). So I have been running more and more. Which is fine as I want to run the RnR LA half marathon in October, so I need to get to running anyways. But my diet has been atrocious. And by atrocious, I mean the worst it’s been in quite a few years. I’m managing my weight, but still unhappy. Thankfully, in addition to working out I’ve been playing volleyball at least 2 hours a day, 4 days a week and kickball once a week. But kickball is another story, because I always find myself at the bar afterwards with my teammates consuming more alcohol than intended. Thank God that’s almost over!

But I also think that the stress of being in transition and getting ready to move is part of the reason for my poor food choices. Stress, believe it or not, can take a toll on your mental well being so much that you don’t even realize the choices you’ve been making. It’s almost like I’m in zombie mode when eating. And where I work doesn’t help because of all the yummy and easily accessible food.

Nonetheless, I’m holding myself accountable for it all. I know once this transition period is over I’ll be much happier and healthier. But I just have to Hold On till then *cue music*. So let’s see how it all goes this week and hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon.

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