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IFBB World Champion

I did it!  I’m IFBB World Champion in the 50-59 up to 80kg division.   For overall there was only a men’s overall which was won by the winner of the 40-49 over 90kg class.

I wanted to post last night but the contest went kinda late.  Afterward, I took a quick shower and changed clothes to go down to dinner.  I wanted to make sure I got there early because in Qatar it was a feeding frenzy and we missed out on alot of the entrees because we were a few minutes late.  So I joined the British and Canadians for dinner.  I was going to take a break to post on here and e-mail my family.  But, when I got down to the lobby to get on the wireless internet my computer battery was dead.  So I took my computer back up to the room to charge and I accidently locked myself out of my room.  I went back downstairs to get another key and their computers were down so they couldn’t give me another key.  Bottom line….I didn’t get back in my room until about 1am and I hurriedly packed up everything to catch the bus at 130am.  I was the last one to get to the bus and they were waiting so I didn’t have time to get off a post or even any e-mails to let my family know that I had won and was headed home.  My cell phones didn’t work there either so I couldn’t call or text.  After the 3 hour bus ride to Warsaw I tried to log on to the internet but there wasn’t any wireless to be had there either.  By the time my flight arrived in Chicago at 3pm today (an hour late) Diana and the rest of my family were about to have a freakin’ stroke.  They were on the verge of calling the hotel in Bialystok and then hospitals in the area!  I knew they would be worried so I called as soon as the plane touched down.  I have about an hour until my flight to Austin and I’m so ready to be home and to sleep in my own bed tonight. As I write this I’ve been traveling for 25 hours today.  Winning an IFBB World Championship was well worth it though!!!!  Thank you all for your support and encouragement.  Thank you John Balik for making this trip possible for me!!!!

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