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I Lift Therefore IM

I lift Therefore IM

Sometimes what you least expect makes the most difference in your life. I know in mine it did. At 17 when I was sentenced to 10 years in prison, my reality was distant. After a year of adjustment, I was given my first copy of IRON MAN, and from that moment forward my life had new meaning. Now four years later, because of IRON MAN, I’ve learned the difference. I’ve gained more than 50 pounds of quality muscle, and I attribute it all to IRON MAN. I’m aspiring to be a fitness model and personal trainer and do some natural shows one day. I do know that for yesterday, today and days to follow, IRON MAN is a huge part of my future and success. One day I’d love to open my IRON MAN and see myself.

Jon Harris
Ontario, OR

Editor’s note: After that heartfelt testimonial, we publish your photo with pleasure. And besides, your tremendous progress is inspiring, Jon! Stay strong.

Raw-Bench Retraction

In Joe Horrigan’s Sportsmedicine column in the February ’10 issue he wrote, “The [bench] shirts have enabled the current superheavyweight bench press champions to exceed 1,000-pound lifts. Most of them can bench-press 700 to 800-plus pounds without a shirt.” I wanted to quantify that statement. To date only three benchers have ever pushed up 1,000 or more pounds in competition using a shirt, and only two men have even exceeded the 700-pound mark without the use of such a rebound garment. Scot Mendelson is the only pro who’s accomplished both feats. No one has been capable of competition benching 800 pounds without a supershirt. I do strongly agree with Horrigan that the shirts are unnecessary, and I concur that their regular use does incur the risk of stalling or diminishing a bencher’s stabilizer-muscle development. I just wanted to write to address that slight misstep in bench stats.

Sean Katterle
via Internet

Mush to Muscle

I seldom write to publishers, but I am so pleased with the e-books X-treme Lean and Ultimate Fat-to-Muscle Workout that I had to commend [authors Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson]. I got more out of those than I have from the three personal trainers I’ve used. I’m on my own now and making much better progress with your programs and diets. I’ve already lost three inches off my waist, and I’m starting to see my abs after only 1 1/2 months. I am so motivated with my progress that I can’t wait for summer. Thank you!

Gary Wells
via Internet

Editor’s note: The Ultimate Fat-to-Muscle Workout is available along with the e-guides X-treme Lean and X-traordinary Abs at a special low price. Go to and look for the Triple-Shredded Combo Offer at the bottom of the page.

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