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How to Cope With Low Energy

Q: Do you ever go to the gym intending to have a killer workout, but for some reason your body is not matching your mind? 7205-train2You mentally want to push, but the strength and stamina just are not there. What do you do—stick with the plan, or “call an audible”?

A: It is actually quite rare for me to have a day like that because if I am feeling off, I’m usually aware of it almost the instant I wake up in the morning. If that’s the case, I normally take the day off from training (if it’s a scheduled training day) or “call my audible” right then and plan for a less intense but still productive workout.

After training for 20-plus years, I find that mind and body have become almost completely in sync—if my physical system is not fully recuperated, my thoughts, feelings and attitude will clue me in long before I ever touch a weight or even finish brushing my teeth.

We are all human and cannot expect to feel as if we can “leap tall buildings in a single bound” every single day. That’s perfectly okay, just as long as you recognize it, make the needed adjustments to your diet and/or training, and look forward to waking up the next day feeling better than ever.

—Eric Broser


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