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How Many Forced Reps?

7307-train2Q: I love to finish off a lot of my sets with forced reps, but how many is too many?

A: Maybe this is something you should ask your training partner. When he is actually getting more of a workout than you during one of your sets, perhaps you have gone too far! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen the spotter on a bench press getting a more intense pump in his arms and low back than his partner is getting in his chest!

Remember exactly what a “forced rep” is meant to be: when your partner applies just enough pressure to enable you to push or pull past the sticking point to complete a full rep. A good training partner will make sure to do as little as possible when assisting with forced reps, with the goal of making each one an all-out war for you.

I would say two or three forced reps is about the max anyone can do properly. Beyond that, if you want to keep going with full reps, pull some weight off the bar and make it a drop set.

 —Eric Broser


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