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Are you ready for the Team Edge? It’s the creation of husband-and-wife duo Joe DiScuillo and Ingrid Romero—Ingrid being a former bikini competitor who is still in phenomenal shape, as you can see in the photo on the opposite page.

The Team Edge mission is to provide its members with cutting-edge information on preparing for bikini competition. Ingrid and Joe believe that having a committed team behind her makes a competitor enjoy her journey so much more, and that’s a major motivator for success onstage. They’re also concerned with what happens offstage, encouraging each member to build her own brand.

Ingrid is undefeated on the NPC/IFBB stage. She is the ’11 Amateur Arnold Classic champion and a three-time NPC champ. Impressive! So, let’s start with the coach.


Ingrid Romero

Competition bodyweight: 123. Although I no longer compete, I’m the coach.

Number of days per week that you lift weights: Five or six

Number of days per week that you do cardio: Four or five

Favorite cardio workout: I do interval cardio—one day I do elliptical, one day I do treadmill,  and the next day I do StairMaster—anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. I eat very clean and don’t cheat often, so I don’t have to do as much cardio. I would rather eat cleaner than do more cardio.

What motivates you to go to the gym? I work full-time as a fitness personality, so it is my job to stay fit. I can’t really let my self go because I never know when I will get a call for a shoot or a job. I’m also motivated by my beautiful twin baby boys, Gianni and Nicco!

What are your fitness goals? My personal life, goals and dreams are all right where I want them to be. My baby boys and my husband, Joe DiScuillo, are my biggest accomplishments! Family over anything! Businesswise, I want to continue to grow. In addition to Team Edge, I just launched my first book, Body After Baby, and my DVD, “Edge Booty Extreme Workout.” And there’s my Ingrid Romero Competition Bikini line—I make them right in my own home. [Note: For more about Ingrid and Team Edge, visit]

Marissa Rivero

Competition bodyweight: 102 pounds

Number of days per week that you lift weights: Six

Number of days per week that you do cardio: For competition prep, six to seven; off-season, four or five

Favorite cardio workout: HIIT on a bike

What motivates you to go to the gym? I love being in shape and feeling good. That is enough motivation for me to get in that gym every day!

What are your fitness and competition goals? To make it to the Olympia stage eventually [smiles].


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