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Happy Easter!

roland_easter_webGreetings and Happy Easter from Dover, Delaware! I hope all of you enjoying this day with friends and family.

Yesterday, the grandbabies went on an easter egg hunt we had set up in the house; it was too wet outside from the rain we experienced until late afternoon. Before the hunt, Sue made an awesome Easter dinner consisting of ham, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, and a fruit tray. There was enough food to have fed The Experts, especially Ron “Yogi” Avidan. We cheated on the ham; Sue & I bought a precooked 7-pound boneless ham from the local Amish meat market for about $30. Doing this saved time and oven space; not to mention supporting the local economy in these hard times.

This morning I made everyone ham and eggs for breakfast. It was very enjoyable and relaxing making and eating breakfast with the whole family. It made my day.

For me, the Easter Bunny came a day earlier. I finally gathered all of my tax info and went to see my tax man. After spending about 20 minutes in his office, he uttered a word to me that I have not heard in about 10 years; “REFUND,” on both federal and state returns. I almost fell out of my chair. It had rained most of the day yesterday but I was seeing sunshine after hearing that.

Now about the attached picture. Some of you may wonder what IRON MAN photographers do between contests besides our daytime jobs. I know Merv Petralba photographs weddings in the Southern California area. I do whatever it takes or jump on any opportunity that comes my way. On April 4th, I helped my co-worker and photographer, Jason Minto, owner of Jason Minto Photography in Dover, Delaware. He asked me to help him with a job at a local college that required on-site printing; pictures with the Easter Bunny. The alumni association provided a free 4×6 print of children with the bunny. Actually, I think half of all photos we shot and printed, 50 percent were of young children and the remaining 50 percent were either parents or college students with the big bunny. Everybody loves the Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter to all!

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