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Good Morning New York City!

Good Morning New York City!I smell a corned beef sandwich with my name on it! The only thing is that I will have to wait until September 5th or 6th to get my hands on the monster sandwich. Oh, that’s Team Universe weekend, what a coincidence. Guess I’ll be going to NYC for the 2008 Team Universe Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, Figure National Championships and the IFBB NY Pro Figure Championships at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center and the Carnegie Deli for another great dining experience; damn the bad luck! Please read my previous blog entry from May 10th of this year.

Gee Whiz DinerAs I was looking over the World Trade Center rebuilding site, I remembered about a diner that Ruth Silverman told me about, too. She pointed out this little jewel-of-a-diner as we walked back to the Millenium Hilton after covering the 2006 Team Universe. It is just around the corner from the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. This place has the best breakfast for the buck, courteous service, and served faster than a New York minute. The Gee Whiz Diner on the northeast corner of Greenwich and Warren Streets. I plan on eating some high protein breakfasts there so I can hold my Canon 70-200mm lens steady throughout prejudging and finals.

Hey, if I don’t see you at the Gee Whiz Diner, I’ll see you at the Team Universe! Don’t forget to read my blog to find out who earned my “Lensworthy” and “Pixelicious” awards that weekend. Roland B.

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