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New-breed meal replacements contain a fusion of various proteins, and packed with vitamins, minerals and glutamine peptides.

The IRONMAN Research Team has been slashing prices on various supplement stacks for more than two years now, and the response has been outstanding. By far the stack that got bodybuilders the most excited'and had our phones ringing off the hook the most'was the Triple-Gain Stack, which was featured in the December '99 IRONMAN. It was an unbelievable deal on supplements that work, and that's why we're repeating it'but with one big difference: The price is even lower than it was back in '99. Can't beat a little price deflation for some serious muscle inflation. So here it is again, with the new low price for three of the best supplements on the planet.

So you've read about all the new scientifically sound size-building supplements, but using them means losing your electricity and phone service. (Paying bills and stocking up on the hottest new supplements can sometimes be mutually exclusive.) How frustrating'and gain stifling. Without electricity, you can't whip up your postworkout protein shake.

The IRONMAN Research Team's original solution was to offer you a single new supplement at big savings in return for your feedback. That was a step in the right direction, but we've decided to one-up the original solution'make that two-up. Now you get three supplements at a deep discount in return for your feedback. That's right, a triple savings. The reason we're upping the ante is because we want you to try the best products at reduced prices, and we want you to experience the incredible synergistic effects specific supplements can produce.

It's no secret that a lot of supplements work best with companion compounds. In other words, they synergize with one another, which can significantly increase their effectiveness and magnify your gains. For example, ribose and creatine work exceptionally well together to fortify muscle ATP, producing more new power at every workout, which in turn triggers new hypertrophy in your muscle fibers. In essence, you get bigger and stronger faster than if you used those products individually during different training phases. Throw in the best meal replacement in the business, which helps you stay in positive nitrogen balance throughout the day and spikes your vitamin-and-mineral intake, and you have an arsenal of core mass-building supplements that can do incredible things to your muscle size and power.

You may be thinking, 'Wow, effervescent creatine, ribose and the best meal replacement around at a deep discount. What's the catch?' None. Nada. Zip'other than your feedback. We're making this offer so you can try specific products and then fill out a short questionnaire about your experience. That's it. We'd also like to get your before and after photos, if that's possible. By the way, the offer is limited to the first 200 people who call Home Gym Warehouse (1-800-447-0008), so you may want to get on the horn as soon as you finish reading this. We'll even throw in an IRONMAN Training & Research Team T-shirt'don't forget to give us your size.

We've chosen Muscle Meals, Effervescent Creatine Elite and Ribose Size because they complement any solid mass-building programs, such as the 'Train, Eat, Grow' routines and 10-Week Size Surge. Those programs focus on getting you large and in charge as quickly as possible. Use them with these three exceptional mass-building supplements, and you can significantly amplify your size and strength gains.

Muscle Meals. If you're a serious bodybuilder, you use a meal replacement or protein powder. It's almost mandatory if you want to get the enormous muscle-building, fat-burning benefits of eating six meals a day. The new-breed meal replacements not only contain a fusion of various proteins, such as whey and micellar casein for fast anabolic uptake and a slow anticatabolic trickle-feed effect, but they're also packed with vitamins, minerals and glutamine peptides. Muscle-Link's Muscle Meals fills the bill perfectly'and its new improved taste is delicious. It's the ultimate meal replacement on the market, jam-packed with everything your body craves to feed its muscle-building needs, including 10 grams of glutamine peptides per serving (and no aspartame). Each 20-packet box sells for $59.95, but call now and you can get the IM Research Team price: Buy one, get one free. You save almost $60. That's two big boxes for the price of one. Plus it now comes in delicious chocolate.

Effervescent Creatine Elite. Effervescent technology has made the number-one bodybuilding supplement almost three times better than the standard powdered variety. Effervescence separates the creatine from its salt, or monohydrate, creating free-ionized creatine, which is almost 100 percent absorbed. Most people only absorb 30 percent of a standard five-gram dose of regular powdered creatine monohydrate. Effervescent creatine's better absorption is the very reason a research study performed at a leading university showed that it increased anaerobic work capacity 194.9 percent more than powdered creatine and 84 percent more than the most popular creatine transport, creatine plus carbs. In addition, due to buffering, effervescent creatine doesn't cause stomach upset. There's no grit and no bitter aftertaste. The retail price is $29.95 for a 20-packet box, but you'll need one box to load and one for maintenance, so IM Team members get a second box free'once again, two boxes for the price of one.

Ribose Size. A lot of information on D-ribose has come out during the past year, so you no doubt understand its tremendous impact on muscle recovery and growth. Basically, it's a compound that can supercharge your ATP along a different pathway from the one creatine uses, which makes it uniquely synergistic with that compound. In fact, as peer-reviewed studies have shown, many athletes hit plateaus and overtrain due to ribose depletion. Ribose, with its recovery- and muscle-energetics-boosting components, is the most effective supplement to hit the bodybuilding market in years. It retails for $39.95 for each 100-gram bottle. Agree to test it, and we'll throw in a second bottle free.

Okay, let's recap. If you're one of the first 200 people to call, you get the following:

'Two boxes (40 packets) of Muscle Meals for the price of one. Choose original vanilla or new chocolate flavor.

'Two boxes (40 packets) of Effervescent Creatine Elite for the price of one.

'Two 100-gram bottles of Ribose Size for the price of one.

'An IRONMAN Training & Research Center T-shirt.

That's a value of more than $260, but you get it all for only $129.95 plus shipping'half price. To put it more plainly, you save about $130 for a one-month supply of some of the best core mass-building supplements around'and all you have to do in return is give us feedback on the products after you use them for one month and, if you can swing it, before and after pictures. Call immediately so you'll be one of the 200 people who get to take advantage of this offer, and we'll rush your supplements to you. Use them along with the rock-solid routines featured in IRONMAN, and you can't miss. Join the IM Research Team, test hot new supplements and get big with the program! Building a great physique just got a heck of a lot easier'and a lot less expensive'thanks to this new supplement-testing program. Call 1-800-447-0008 today and ask for the IM Research Team Triple-Gain Special, and start making the best gains you've ever made. IM

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