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Fun at the 2012 L.A. Fitness Expo

It was fun being back at the L.A. Fitness Expo again this year. Sponsored by Ironman Magazine, the L.A. Fit Expo is getting bigger and bigger each year. One example is the Ironman Naturally contest. Last year, this contest brought in only 65 competitors. Only one year later, 118 entries tried their hand at this quickly growing competition.

I was on hand working the Optimum Nutrition booth at the Expo and I also gave a seminar on “How to Make Progress as a Natural Bodybuilder” at the Expo on Saturday afternoon. I had a really big crowd for my seminar along with lots of great questions from both men and women. Because I was on one of the main Expo stages, many people walking by were stopping in the aisles to listen to the seminar. I even had a few people approach me after the seminar to express interest in my growing Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway that I am holding twice a month in Tampa, Florida (


The Ironman Magazine booth was very popular at the L.A. Fit Expo. Bodybuilding Legend Robby Robinson was on hand to sell his latest book. Dave Goodin was also on hand to sign copies of IronMan Magazine. Dave is looking great as usual and he’s planning on competing again on the IFBB Pro Stage later this year.

You never know who you’re going to run into at these expos and it was great to finally meet big Tom Fuller in person. Tom is the innovator of the HRT (Hell Raiser Training) system. This unique training method combines positive reps with forced negative reps to create a greater pump in the muscles by forcing more blood and glycogen into the muscle cells. This results in awesome pumps during the workouts and more muscle growth. I experimented with the HRT system last year when I was dieting for my Ironman Magazine photo shoot and I’m looking forward to using it again this year in the off season when I am eating more calories. Look for an in-depth interview with Tom in an upcoming issue of IronMan.

I also ran into another Bodybuilding Legend at the Expo. Eddie Giuliani was spotted at the Optimum Nutrition booth talking to Expert Trainer Charles Glass. I grabbed Eddie to take a picture with him because I recognized him from the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. If you don’t know who Eddie is, he is a former class winner at the IFBB Mr. World contest and he’s most famous as the guy who jumps into Arnold’s arms at the beginning of the movie “Pumping Iron”. It was great to see Eddie healthy and happy as he must be in his late 70’s.

Since this is California, there were plenty of gorgeous women walking around the Expo. The lovely Heather Clay was dressed in a female gladiator type outfit and signing copies of the Ironman Swimsuit Spectacular issue, in which she is prominently featured. I also saw Denise Milani at the far end of the Expo. I met Denise last year when she was walking around the expo and she told me then that she wanted to be a part of this industry. Fast forward one year later and Denise has entered and won her first bikini contest at the NPC Excalibur last year. She is looking forward to competing in the NPC USA’s this summer in Las Vegas. Judging from all the attention Denise was getting at the Expo from both fans and industry players, she is going to have a great future in the sport.

Unfortunately, because of my flight schedule, I couldn’t stay at the Expo both days and I had to fly home on Sunday. However, I still had fun at this year’s L.A. Fit Expo even for only one day. Look for my upcoming video interviews on and my website soon!

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