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Food Stuff to Ease Disease

Coffee and diabetes. It was recently reported that drinking a lot of green tea or coffee every day can lower the risk of diabetes by 33 percent. Researchers in Japan suggested that caffeine was responsible, but University of Minnesota scientists have refuted that finding. In the Minnesota study those who drank lots of decaffeinated coffee—six cups or more per day—reduced their risk of diabetes as well, by 22 percent. That suggests that the antioxidants in coffee, not the caffeine, are what protect. Nevertheless, caffeine can stimulate the metabolism, which can help you burn more fat.

Peppers and heart disease. The main genus of peppers in the United States is Capsicum. You probably recognize the name from the arthritis cream many people use to reduce joint pain. The genus includes bell peppers and a number of hot peppers, ranging from pepperoncini to habaneros. According to researchers at Oregon State University, peppers “are a recognized source of vitamins C and E and are high in antioxidant content. These compounds are associated with the prevention of cardiovascular disorders, cancer and cataracts.” Oh, and peppers can also stimulate the metabolism, which can lead to more calorie and fat burning. Eat more peppers! IM

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