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7207-eat3Sugar is a far greater danger to your heart than fat, according to the February ’13 Better Health. Sugar is what causes the inflammation in artery walls. When you eat simple sugar, your bloodstream is flooded with glucose, an unnatural situation. Your body converts it to triglycerides for storage—which makes it a high risk factor for causing heart disease.

Magnesium “helps regulate the sleep cycle, balance hormones and reduce anxiety, so it’s especially beneficial for insomnia,” says Tasneem Bhatia, M.D., in the March ’13 Prevention. She recommends taking a 200-milligram dose of the chelated form, which is easier on the stomach, before bed.

Green tea is known to fight bodyfat, and one reason may be its ability to tame blood sugar. According to the March ’13 Health, a study at Pennsylvania State University found that an antioxidant in tea, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, can control blood sugar spikes that come from eating starchy meals. So if you have a higher-carb meal, drink some green tea along with it to minimize or at least reduce the fat-storing damage.

PS, or phosphatidylserine, is a soy lipid that can also improve sleep—and thus your growth hormone release and muscle recovery. According to the November/December ’11 Well Being Journal, cortisol disrupts rapid-eye-movement sleep. “REM is the stage during which an individual dreams. It is accompanied by muscle relaxation.”

—Becky Holman


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