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Tea can help fight cancer. Researchers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center gave water mixed with green tea EGCG to mice that had breast cancer, and after five weeks their tumors were 66 percent smaller than those in mice who drank plain water. Drink more tea.

Aspirin has been recommended as a daily supplement for those predisposed to heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure. New evidence suggests that the best time to take a 100-milligram dose is right before bedtime because the body produces chemicals that raise blood pressure when you’re at rest.

Corn has almost twice the antioxidant activity of apples. That’s what a study found when researchers compared cooked sweet corn to the red fruit. Not sure if that includes popcorn.

Water is important to weight loss. Your metabolism depends on it. A study at the University of Utah  found that subjects who drank eight to 12 eight-ounce glasses of water a day had faster metabolisms than those who drank only four glasses.

Fiber up to take weight off. Getting at least 25 grams of fiber a day can curb your appetite and slow digestion, which reduces insulin production.

—Becky Holman

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