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Apples are higher in fiber than many other fruits. One average-size apple has five grams of fiber, and we need about 25 grams per day. So one apple gives you 20 percent of your daily fiber quota.

Fish may help prevent prostate cancer. Research published in The Lancet found that men who ate fish two to three times a week were less likely to get the disease than those who didn’t eat fish. The omega-3 fats and their anti-inflammation effects appear to be the reason.

Peppers have been found to have unique health-promoting properties. New research suggests that capsaicinoids in peppers can kill cancer cells. It may be due to a chemical reaction that causes thermal heat, the same reason peppers can speed up metabolism. They’ve also been shown to stop the growth of fat cells. So start spicing up your meals.

Creatine can improve the mental acuity of the elderly, according to a new study by Jeffrey Stout, et al. Testing included backward and forward number generation, and creatine improved cognitive abilities in those getting the supplement.

—Becky Holman

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