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Older adults are nutrient deficient. New research suggests that more than half of Americans over age 50 don’t get enough essential nutrients. Supplements are necessary.

Tea can calm you. A study out of London found that tea drinkers had a 47 percent reduction in the stress hormone cortisol within an hour of completing a stressful assignment, while those given fake tea had only a 27 percent drop.

Blueberries beat more than 25 other fruits in antioxidant power—even pomegranates and grapes. Plus, one cup of blueberries has a whopping six grams of fiber.

Soup, if it has fiber, can help you eat fewer calories at a meal if you eat the soup prior to your entree. Try chicken and vegetable—skip the noodles.

Chewing gum can suppress your craving for sweets. If you’re in a trance thinking about pie, break out a stick of gum—sugar-free, of course.

Popcorn, which is mostly air, is a good snack choice for those looking to get ripped. Have a 100-calorie microwave pack with your protein shake to feel fuller.

—Becky Holman

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