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Fokken Great Delts


IM: We’ll start with your stats. What are your age, height and ripped bodyweight?

BF: Thirty-four, 6’1”, 196 pounds.

IM: What do you do to make a living? Any sponsorship contracts?

BF: I am the wellness coordinator for the world’s largest ethanol biorefiner. I’m beyond proud of this and feel that I work for a company that is truly impacting the world in a positive way and changing it for the better.

I also am a prep coach and have  a training business, Fokken Strong Training. In addition, I have many sponsors who go above and beyond for me. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Big shout out to and Beast Sports Nutrition.

My other sponsors include P28 foods, Muscle Egg, SmartShaker, Fitmark Bags, Quest,, Icon meals and Fat Gripz

IM: How has your training evolved since you started?

BF: My workouts have changed a lot since I started. I’ve gotten to know myself and how my body reacts over the years, and as I age that continues to change. I used to lift as heavy as I could and do basic movements. I became injury prone due to this because I was always trying to get to that next heavier weight. As I got older and started competing, I began to go lighter, and it wasn’t so much about how big and strong I could get but about how I looked. I started to do more volume work and incorporate many more exercises into my routines. I like to do high reps and sets and a lot of “angles” to make sure I hit a muscle group from as many angles as I can and really fatigue it and get it to develop into the look I am going for. I also enjoy working my weak parts more now than I did in the past, and those weaknesses are the focal point of my workouts, whereas in the past I would focus on what reacted the best and grew the fastest.

IM: If you had one key piece of advice or tip for those starting out in bodybuilding and fitness, what would it be?



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