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Fitness International-Garcia Grabs Another One

In case there was any doubt that Adela Garcia would win her fifth Fitness International title on March 2 in Columbus, Ohio, the lady efficiently put it to rest. Striding onstage at the Greater Columbus Convention Center for the judging with her body at its best and then dancing and strength-holding her way to the panels’ hearts at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, she was the clear winner, earning perfect first-place scores in both rounds. After that we had a surprise or two.

Picking up runner-up honors and her best finish at a big contest to date was Camala Rodriguez, who seemed to have found the groove with her sleek physique as well as her entertaining techno routine. Rodriguez had been eighth at the Flex Pro two weeks earlier and ninth at the ’11 Olympia after taking fourth at this show last year, so it was a huge leap. The panel placed her second in both rounds.

Also leaping her way up the ladder was Oksana Grishina, who took third. Second behind Adela at the Flex Pro, Oksana brought her most balanced and symmetrical body to date to Columbus, and she did something else a little differently as well. Instead of her usual very different and dramatic turn, Oksana had a more traditional fitness routine, a rock-’em-sock-’em spurt of energy to the tune of “Tainted Love” that was among the best I’ve seem in years. It was the premier routine of the evening, for my money, which is saying something because Adela’s performance was very strong.

X-woman Bethany Cisternino took fourth-place honors, while b, fourth at the Flex show, was relegated to fifth here, and Myriam Capes, third at the Flex, rounded out the top six. What’s up with Tanji and Mimi, second and third at the ’11 Olympia, dropping in the standings? Overpowered by the surges of energy from those moving up, most likely. It’s a primary law of bodybuilding that if someone is moving up, someone else is dropping down. No law that it has to be permanent, however.

Fortunately for Tanji and Mimi, they’re both already qualified for the ’12 Fitness O, as are Camala and Adela. So the big winner in that respect was Oksana, which sets up another big showdown at season’s end.

Sixteen able athletes came to Columbus for this one, including a record four Canadians: Capes, Jodi Boam, Allison Ethier and Danielle Ruban, who made a fine impression in her pro debut.

Find the complete results below.

Photos by Roland Balik (from to top): Adela Garcia, Oksana Grishina and Camala Rodriguez.

’12 Fitness International

1) Adela Garcia*

2) Camala Rodriguez*

3) Oksana Grishina*

4) Bethany Cisternino

5) Tanji Johnson

6) Myriam Capes

7) Kizzy Vaines

8) Tina Durkin

9) Danielle Ruban

10) Jodi Boam

11) Julie Palmer

120 Regiane Da Silva

13) Kayde Puckett

14) Allison Ethier

15) Sheri Vucick

16) Diana Monteiro

*Qualifies for the ’12 Fitness Olympia.


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