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Fit Happens…At Any Age

Fit HappensThis book is a few years old, but it’s worth tracking down because it’s chock-full of tips on nutritious eating, exercise tidbits and motivation. The author, Michael S. Pierron, is a triathlete as well as a masters physique competitor and motivational speaker (his Web site is

Fit Happens isn’t one of those books you read chapter by chapter—because although it’s divided into chapters, it’s really one-page shots of pertinent information written in a high-energy style. As one description put it, this book “is a CliffsNotes version of health, happiness and fat loss, written in a fun, fast-moving format.”

You’ll find all kinds of eye-opening info in its 190-plus pages—such as seven surefire ways to live a happier, less-stressed life; reasons to weight train; mind in muscle; raising your self-esteem; and tales from the gym, one-page stories that appear throughout the book and present a person, his or her fitness problem and the solution. Interesting and motivational.

As for nutrition and eating, you’ll find nutrition secrets of the fitness pros, carbs vs. fat burning, the glycemic index of foods and life-enhancing powers of common foods. Pierron even talks about key supplements and other bodybuilding-related eating necessities (remember, he’s a bodybuillder—and a pretty good one, judging by his pictures in the book).

Fit Happens is truly a conglomeration of great ideas, facts and motivating scenarios and solutions for anyone interested in getting and staying fit—from the hardcore bodybuilder to the occasional jogger. Its short shots of information make it great bedtime or bathroom reading.

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