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Figure International Prejudging Hmmm

The opening comparison in round 1, for the sport that still wears two types of bathing suits—Erin Stern, Heather Mae French, Mindi Smith and Nicole Wilkins-Lee—set up what seems to be a tight competition and answers the pressing question of whether Mindi or Andrea Watson would be the hot new star to get the first callout.

Subsequent callouts indicated two different “messages” from the judges: 1) that Nicole and Erin were the top two in that group, and later 2) maybe not. I won’t bore you with the details; probably they were just being coy. By me it is not a lock for Nicole, the reigning Figure Olympia champ, but, as I often point out, they don’t ask me. It can be argued that she does have the best overall structure of the top gals.

That doesn’t include Monica Brant-Peckham, who arguably has the best structure factor in the sport, still.  Mo got the second callout in both rounds, which pretty much tells you where she will place. Not bad, actually for an old hand on her eighth trip to the International stage.

Photos (clockwise from top left): Nicole Wilkins-Lee, Erin Stern, Heather Mae French and Mindi Smith.

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