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Faster Than Ever

Over the past month I had to step away and really focus on my training and my work. The balance between that and writing and working was getting overwhelming. But I did it. Not only am I penning a new book, I’m continuing my writing for the magazine and been training harder than ever.

That step back was the best thing ever. I was able to clear my head and refocus on things I wanted to accomplish sooner rather than later. And I have. My running is becoming amazing. I ran 4 miles last week at what I though was just a training pace. Meaning not extremely fast, just working to get it done. I finished in around 35 minutes, which included me stopping at at a light for about a minute or two waiting for it to change. This means that my new training pace is around 8:30 to 8:45, which is fantastic. I’m not slowing down too much except when i hit my hills. The HIIT intervals and hill intervals I’ve been running are really starting to pay off. So What’s my magic ratio?

I like to do 1:1 work:rest intervals. This forces me to recover faster. Although, I do most of my intervals on a treadmill because it forces me to maintain speed without slowing down. This has really helped my ability to maintain speed. That used to be my downfall, but not anymore!

And with my new found confidence, I also have the confidence to actually finish my book. I once read that people need 3 things/hobbies in their life. One that makes them money, one that keeps them healthy and in shape, and one that allows them to be creative. And writing has always been my outlet. Now that the other parts of my life are going well, I’ve been able to find the confidence in writing my book. I also have to thank some former people in my life that. Some of the things I’ve been through, turns out people can relate. Stay tuned for that update!


Stay strong!

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