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Esmey Leon Training @ Golds Gym, Venice by Jerry Fredrick

Age Began Training
I began officially training when I was 19 years old. I played all kinds of sports growing up, basketball, volleyball, and track and field, but I never hit the weights until I went to college.

Why did you start training?
I took a weight-training course at University of Portland that sparked the fiery high any trainee get after a great training session from hitting the weights. I loved the feeling of being on top of the world. It’s when you push for that last rep that your body is saying is impossible, but your mind power takes over and you just do it.  It’s a reminder that you can always do more than you THINK you can.

Number of days per week you train:
7 days a week, not every day is high intensity but I do try to get my blood pumping in some way or another every single day.

Your Body part split:
I don’t break down my body parts by days.  I assess my body and see what I’d like to improve on and make that my focus for the week, while integrating my favorite body parts to work on, such as biceps and back.  I’ve heard great things about the body split method, but at the end of the day you have to evaluate your OWN body and see what works best for you.

I grew up in the boonies in Eastern Oregon in a town population of 1,000. I have seven siblings, so I always had someone to play with growing up.  I didn’t know the meaning of privacy until I was 21 years old, that’s the first time I ever had my own room!!! I owned an exterior house painting business (brush and roll only) when I was 20 years old, so I have been on forty-foot ladders nailing down a harness.  I believe the chance of being human is so small that we are ALL so very lucky to have an opportunity to make our mark in this world.  I’m creating a fitness brand called OnePower, the idea that a sexy mind will bring about a sexy body. All the power is in our MINDS. Once we filter our thoughts, we are unstoppable.


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