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Q: What are the effects of alcohol on my bodybuilding efforts?

Q: What are the effects of alcohol on my bodybuilding efforts? 

A: It depends on how much and how often you drink. I like the saying, “The devil is in the dosage.”

Research has shown that if you get bombed on a Friday night, your testosterone will not be fully restored until the following Wednesday, so getting bombed is basically going to produce half a week of lackluster workouts and recovery.

I like to drink on special occasions like birthdays, trips to Las Vegas and times that I’m in a fancy restaurant with friends or my wife. A night of drinking for me is some fancy Scotch or a glass of red wine. Alcohol is a no-go during contest prep, and I abide by the saying, “You do the booze, and you lose!” Every decision in life is an opportunity to move you closer or further from your goals, so if you plan on getting bombed, just realize you’re delaying the time it’ll take to achieve your goals.


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