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Eat To Grow: Use It to Lose It

For many bodybuilders putting on muscle is a lot easier than losing fat.

For many bodybuilders putting on muscle is a lot easier than losing fat, and finding an effective fat-burning supplement is a major challenge. Added to that challenge is finding a fat burner that won’t rob you of your hard-earned muscle gains.

Cytodyne Technologies’ answer is Xenadrine. A recent study published in Current Therapeutic Research revealed that among subjects whose diets and workouts were identical, the Xenadrine users experienced 3,860 percent greater fat loss than those who used a placebo. On top of that, the Xenadrine group maintained a higher percentage of lean muscle.

The thermogenic power coupled with its anticatabolic properties is what makes Xenadrine the best-selling fat burner in America.

For example, Randy Martin, 32, went from 295 pounds and 27 percent bodyfat to 225 and 7 percent in just three months yet still gained five pounds of muscle. ‘I now have abs my bodybuilder friends envy,’ he said.

Another new Cytodyne Technologies product that can help you look your best is Maximum Strength Taraxatone. It’s the natural answer to prescription diuretics that’s perfect for the competitive bodybuilder. It’s a potent botanical formula that gets rid of excess water from under your skin without depleting muscle.

Whereas prescription diuretics can cause serious dehydration and loss of electrolytes, Maximum Strength Taraxatone actually adds essential electrolytes like potassium and magnesium that help you maintain proper cellular water balance and muscle fullness while still benefiting from strong diuretic activity.

Many bodybuilders have experienced stunning results in as little as three days. Take John Wood, who got cut in that amount of time with Maximum Strength Taraxatone and became the ’00 NPC Muscle Beach Overall Champion.

For more information on Xenadrine or Maximum Strength Taraxatone call Cytodyne Technologies at 1-888-298-6396.

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