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Doable New Year’s Resolutions

I often get asked by my personal training clients, ” what should my resolution be?”

This is a question I am very careful about answering as I believe in order to make a resolution last past a month it has to hold purpose to the person who made it.

The question to ask yourself when making a resolution should be, why?

Why is this resolution important to you and how will this make your life better?

Here are 5 suggestions that can help lead to a healthier lifestyle:

1.) Committing 5-15 minutes each day towards exercise.

Put your gym shoes on and start moving. Or leave your yoga mat rolled out. 


2.) Drink more water.

Start the morning off right by drinking 1 glass of water.


3.) Recruit someone to do something active with you 1x a week.

Gym date. Weekly run. New class to try. Recruit your family and friends!


4.) Floss daily

A trick I heard once was to floss one tooth every day. Eventually you will come to realize all of that effort should just be used to floss all of your teeth!


5.) Wear sunscreen

A great habit to start if you go outside for more than 15 minutes a day.


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