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Coping With Reality

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I had a rare cold this past week, and because of it I missed a week of workouts. My experience has shown that if I attempt to “work through it,” I always end up extending the life of the cold and having very perfunctory workouts, not to mention the potential for spreading the cold around the gym.

The week of enforced “leisure” underscored the role that the workout plays in my life. I missed it as much emotionally as physically.  The scheduled workout is part of my anchor, my stability.

For me, the workout is true re-creation, the freeing of the mind from the daily stresses. In a sense it is meditative. Bodybuilding is not a mindless activity; it is not like using the treadmill or elliptical while watching TV. Effective bodybuilding connects the mind and the body in the classic Greek athletic ideal.

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