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Cookies ’n Cream Bar

Supreme ProteinHere’s another compelling reason for serious bodybuilders to stay away from outmoded, low-nutrition protein bars. Universally recognized as the class of the category, Supreme Protein has followed up its smash-hit Fudge Almond Brownie bar with a new entry, Cookies ’n Cream. If you haven’t tried one of these yet, you’re really missing out on a sweet sensation.

The new Supreme Protein Cookies ’n Cream bar combines a soft chocolate cookie center and protein-enriched vanilla cream with crunchy cookie pieces, all surrounded by a rich chocolate outer layer.

Every bar packs 30 big grams (15 in the snack size) of a premium-quality protein blend powered by whey isolate, plus healthful fats, including flaxseed oil, vitamins, minerals and zero trans fat. No wonder Superior Protein bars have been winning awards from major publications and retailing associations—18 in all—since their introduction.

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