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Coleman Birthday, Greenebacks in NY, LT vs. Pepe

Happy 44th birthday to Ronnie Coleman, who leads the way of several industry notables who turn a year older this week. James (Broadway) Bivens, a top flight NPC competitor for years, now is eligible for the Masters (which he is doing) after hitting 40 May 15. A day later, Rich Gaspari is 45 (is it really 24 years since Gaspari won the Lightheavyweight class at the 1984 Nationals?) and, on May 17, Dave Liberman reaches the 43 mark.

Congrats to Kai Greene for his dominating–and expected–victory at the New York Pro on May 10. Another local dude, Kevin English, who finished 14th in two other pro attempts in year’s past, also had a huge night in winning the 202 and under and finishing second to Greene is the main event (check results and pictures on this site.) Speaking of the 202 and under division, I am one of the few, I imagine, to be tepid (not Teper, bone heads) about adding these “handicap” segments to pro contests. And, I will present those views in my one on one debate with Larry Pepe on Larry’s “Peptalk” that will air on Monday, May 19, at 5 PM, PST, on The replay is normally available around 7-8 pm; click on Replay Central. Let’s get ready to rumble.

Special thumbs up to Cathy LeFrancois who bested the field of 19 to capture the Women’s Bodybuilding portion of the weekend. Remember, Cathy joins Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler as a featured guest poser at my Junior Cal on June 21.

Although I have a faculty meeting at East Los Angeles College on Saturday from 11 am-1 pm, I hope to be able to get down to Muscle Beach on Saturday to view the Weight Pen Facelift/Renovation ceremony at 2 pm. “ provided $31,000 worth of new equipment from StarTrac Equipment and Headblade donated $20,000, which enabled us to put in new flooring,” says Smokin’ Joe Wheatley, the main man behind the tremendous expansion of Muscle Beach happenings in recent years. “After the ribbon cutting ceremony, we will be unveiling the plaques of the 2007 inductees, including Jack LaLanne (Lifetime Achievement Award), Franco Columbu, Tony Pearson, DeForrest “Moe” Most and Pudgy Stockton.” Then the amazing 93-year-old LaLanne will be promoting his latest book, “Fiscal Fitness”, complete with discount coupons for those wishing to buy the manuel and will also be signing autographs. See ya there.

And last, but certainly not least, Ron “Yogi” Avidan joins Bivens in leaving his 30s behind. But, I’ve already told Yogi, no female midget wrestlers for his present; took care of that for him at the Arnold after party this year.

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