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Christine Pomponio

Christine Pomponio

Height: 5’1”
Age: 34
Peak pregnancy weight: 132
Photo-shoot weight: 99
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Current residence: Colorado
Occupation: Commercial actress, model, IFBB professional athlete, mommy

Favorite foods (healthful and nonhealthful): I try to eat as raw and organic as possible. I usually always eat very healthfully, and even when I have a “nonhealthful” meal, I try to make it healthy in some way. I changed some things when I was pregnant since I had to pay more attention to everything that I consumed. Now I focus a lot more on internal overall health as well as weight management.

How many children do you have, and what are their names and ages? I have one beautiful son named Riley. He is 15 months old.

How did you work out when you were pregnant, and how many weeks out from the birth did you stop training? When I was pregnant, I did cardio almost every day, sometimes two-a-days—at least 30 minutes at a time. I would either go for walks or do any of the cardio machines. I lifted at least four to five times a week—but obviously lighter weights than usual. There are certain exercises and machines that you cannot do when pregnant: for example, anything lying flat on your back or situps, which my body would just feel uncomfortable doing. You need to listen to your body, but it doesn’t mean not to work out. Working out actually eased my morning sickness. I never stopped training. I felt great, and I was two days overdue. I was putting my shoes on to go work out when I went into labor.

How long did you take off from the gym after you had the baby? I had to have an emergency C-section, so after I had my baby, I was required to take at least six weeks off before working out. I didn’t lift heavy, but I did start low-intensity cardio about three weeks afterward, and gradually increased intensity.

Was it tough getting back into training, and how did you break back into it? I think the hardest part about breaking back into training was having to take it slow at first. It was frustrating when I didn’t feel like I was getting a kick-butt workout.

How long did it take you to get back into peak shape after pregnancy? It didn’t take long to get back into shape since the motivation and drive is in me. It only took a few months to get where I hoped to be afterward. Now I maintain.

What’s the toughest part about having a new baby? Constantly worrying!!! I don’t feel like I am a good mom unless I do everything for and with him. I don’t take him to the gym daycare, but I get great workouts now in my home gym with him.

What’s your weekly workout schedule now? A couple of days a week I shoot commercials, but I spend time with my son in the evening, and after he’s asleep I sometimes do a second cardio session.

What type of diet do you follow when you’re getting in shape? I basically always follow a good diet, even when I’m not competing, Since I’m consistently shooting commercials, I have to stay in shape. Before a photo shoot I just eliminate a small amount of carbs and adjust for water retention.

What are your future career plans? Right now I’m fortunate to have some very big deals in process as far as television goes. As for getting onstage again, that’s still up in the air.

Are there any interesting factoids about yourself you can reveal? I’m a huge germ freak. My friends and family always tease me about my phobia of germs and dirt.

Contact info: [email protected]. I am also on Facebook: Christine Pomponio. IM

Compiled by Steve Holman
Photography by Michael Neveux

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