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  • Fiber Facts

    A lot of people believe that eating fiber with a meal helps block the absorption of fat.

    Becky HolmanApril 12, 2009
  • New Buzz on Honey

    A study out of New Zealand suggests that honey can improve age-related memory decline and some types of stress. In the animal-based...

    Becky HolmanMarch 19, 2009
  • D-Rail Illness

    Winter is here, and that means less exposure to the sun. That’s good and bad—good in that you won’t get sunburned...

    Becky HolmanJanuary 14, 2009
  • Food Facts

    Apples are higher in fiber than many other fruits. One average-size apple has five grams of fiber, and we need about...

    Becky HolmanDecember 23, 2008
  • Food Facts

    That can affect your workouts, weight and wellness.

    Becky HolmanDecember 9, 2008
  • Tea Off on Joint Pain

    You probably know that vitamin C helps build collagen, which strengthens joints, tendons and ligaments. You may also have heard that...

    Becky HolmanSeptember 29, 2008
  • Mind-Altering Sodas?

    In a study performed at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, researchers gave mice what amounted to five sodas a day for...

    Becky HolmanSeptember 1, 2008
  • Heart Health

    You don’t have to pound the pavement or soak your clothes to build a decent level of fitness.

    Becky HolmanSeptember 1, 2008
  • L-Glutamine: Need it to grow?

    To get the best results from your workouts, it’s a good idea to take supplemental glutamine.

    Becky HolmanJuly 7, 2008
  • Dairy and the Dentist

    You may have heard that a lack of plaque on your teeth is better for your cardiovascular health. The recommendation is...

    Becky HolmanJuly 6, 2008
  • Is Organic Best?

    A research study from Great Britain says yes. Produce grown on organic farms was compared to that grown conventionally, and the...

    Becky HolmanJuly 5, 2008
  • Another Blubber-Burning Fat

     Most of us have heard that the essential fatty acids found in fish and fish-oil capsules help our bodies burn fat....

    Becky HolmanApril 29, 2008
  • Laugh Off Lard

    You can burn up to 40 more calories a day by just laughing for 15 minutes.

    Becky HolmanMarch 15, 2008
  • Eggs-treme Lean

    Eggs may help you lose bodyfat. A study from Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, found that subjects who...

    Becky HolmanFebruary 22, 2008
  • Food Facts

    Lemon juice in your water can add to your vitamin C intake. According to the November ’07 Prevention, just one-half tablespoon...

    Becky HolmanJanuary 11, 2008